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she drinks whiskey from a tea cup.

♥stephanie desu.

this journal is personal, but currently unlocked.
fanworks will be posted in future community - gwangju.
layout credit goes to milou_veronica

i got married to jeon jihwan.|


rest in peace shoya tomizawa.


Stephanie. 스태파니. 16. Portsmouth, England. Aspiring interpreter/author/anything else worthy of my failure.
Always an eldest daughter; secondly a sister; also a faithful friend; forever a fangirl. ♥
I possess a very 'large' range of brainspace, less of it facts and figures than you think: 40% Knowledge, 25% Memories, 10% Fantasies, 10% Common Sense (yes, 10), 15% Fangirl (which probably ties a little into fantasies, who am I kidding?) Yet, I believe my brain has a black hole inside it somewhere, as I forget a lot of things, including what I was about to write.


♥Dong Bang Shin Ki. Jung Yunho.
Super Junior. Park Jungsu and Lee Hyukjae. SHINee. Lee Taemin. Big Bang.
Dae Guk Nam Ah. Jeon Jihwan. 2NE1. Girls Generation. SS501. Royal Pirates.
Dir en grey. The GazettE. Green Day. 30 Seconds to Mars. Paramore.
YouMeAtSix. Coldplay. Bones. Formula One.
F1's Kamui Kobayashi, Japan's Keisuke Honda & South Korea's Park Jisung...

Asian Wannabe;

Yes, okay, I'm English. White English. Who doesn't technically understand Korean or Japanese or any other language from Asia. But I still love almost everything Asian; the music, the culture, the food, the art. I love manga and anime, especially Death Note and Vampire Knight. And although my appearance is nothing like an Asian's, I think I must be Asian on the inside. ;) (Despite the fact I don't particularly like meat... xD)

.Profile Info by NuttyMusings.

i left my heart in tokyo.

and found it again in paris.

forever five.
♥ 東方神起.

the table is set with tea for two...
♥ 윤재.